October is BCAM/DVAM: Videos Show Us How to Really Help Those Going Through It


Ribbon:YMCA Knoxville -Click to learn what they are doing for women.

October is:

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Aside from wearing pink, donating money to the ACS and the NCADV,
or calling the cops on your neighbor…
check out these other ways that you can really help the person going through it:

Help victims of domestic violence from a victim’s point of view (video)

Help someone with a breast cancer diagnosis (video)

A cancer survival story from a friend of mine (Oct. 2011)

This Message to Teachers Goes For Parents Too: Do You Matter? (Video) 

There’s no time like the present to stop and think about the impression we make on our children.

Every second of every day, 365 days a year, our kids are ‘watching’.
Now it’s our turn to watch

Check out this video of 3 hardworking kids (who invested half their summer to memorize these lines) so they could deliver the entire W/E School District of teachers and Principals a very important message.

It’s a 10 minute performance which will bring most of us to tears.

If you can, please share this with as many parents and educators as possible via email or social media…. it’s an important message and kind of a big deal (and not just because my Middle Schooler is in it 😉

Fun Friday: April Fool’s Prank Payback



Someone showed me this video the other day of these students getting their teacher back
and I couldn’t help but laugh…

He had it coming I suppose…

But wait, the joke gets funnier at the end…

Read how it all got started.

My favorite part about this whole thing was that the teacher was remorseful….
and had a sense of humor.


Photo credit:”Crazy Girl Cross Eyed And Pulling Her Ears” by Stuart Miles @ freedigitalphotos.net