Fun Friday: Feral Cats, Come On Down! (A Poem)



My friend sent me this poem last week. She makes and sells personalized greeting cards at They’re often funny because, well, that’s Deb. She is also sincere, so if you have an important event you want to send a card for, check out

This poem happens to be about animals, Bob Barker and a true story.

After catching our 3rd of 4 outdoor cats to get fixed earlier this week, I want to be like Bob Barker and spread the news about spaying and neutering your pets. Did anyone ever think about his last name and his mission? Pretty funny that as an animal lover, his last name is Barker! For those that don’t know, latest statistics put Cleveland on the map with 75,000 feral cats!

Sometimes, it’s difficult
Herding cats in a yard
Our kittens are wiley
And made it quite hard
But we were victorious
On Monday near dawn
Stormy is a boy
And now his *#(A$ are all gone
We bought a big cage
But the kitten has smarts
So, we had to think fast
Because when he sees us, he darts

So, while he was eating
I came behind his small head
I grabbed with both hands
He scratched and bit; we both bled
Injuries were minor
But Julie went for a shot
And now we’re both grateful
For the AFLAC she’s got!
All ended well
Now just one more to go
Little Tiger is precious
He can put on a show
If you want to adopt him
He’d make a great pet
And we’ll do the work
Of getting him fixed at the vet!
From your office or home, send someone a poem!


Fun Friday: Murphy’s Law for Moms (and pet owners)

Even though my children are no longer in diapers, I got a laugh out of this because not only do I remember the day, but now I experience these things with my pets!

Instead of runny noses, it’s dog hair, instead of spills on the floor it’s cat puke, instead of poopy diapers it’s more poop than bags on the walk around the block…
Ah, the joys of kids and pets…
But it’s all worth it.

Happy Friday!


Check out this blog we follow. At first, I wasn’t too sure how good the content would be, considering the posts are written by Rumpy, but actually…

This week we learned something about:

get this wallpaper for your desktop at
And the grown-ups learned about rabbits 
(and whether or not you should get your child one for Easter)
Looking for something different to read? Check out

Fun Friday: Flush Away The Winter Blues (videos)
Sometimes the kids and I just can’t sit still at the dinner table,
so we end up at the computer
(After we’re done eating of course)
One night our discussion led me to hear about Parry Gripp
Guaranteed to make you laugh (more than once)—THIS WAS NOT Parry Gripp,
but it was hysterical!!
 And THAT was found because we were looking for THIS And…. THIS is what we were originally online to see.
(I’m pretty sure the hamster was not harmed while making this video…at least I hope not.)

Happy Friday, we hope it’s a FUN ONE!

Family Movie Review: Son of Lassie

This past New Year’s Eve, my family and I sat down for our traditional movie marathon.

One of the movies in the line up was chosen by my dog-loving-daughter (the one who has over a hundred and eighty bucks saved up for her very own pooch).

Because we watched Lassie (the remake-1994) in the summer, and loved it, she thought it would be a great idea to follow it up, by watching the Son of Lassie.

As I sat back and began to watch it, a black and white classic-turned-color-I think, it had a few very outdated moments in verse, movie sets, etc…. I started to feel that this would be a very uninteresting, or even corny, movie. but the more we watched, what got me was that, although the beginning had a few things that seemed odd and maybe to some families a bit inappropriate, my daughter (and I am sure the rest of my family) got the message that was being sent.

A man and his dog have a bond which could never be explained. It’s strong, it’s real and it’s amazing, and it made us cry.

At ten, my dog-loving-darling did not know what was happening to her…she smiled through her tears and told me that she ‘was so happy, but couldn’t understand why she was crying….’

I knew why.

If you happen to be:

A dog lover
A pet lover
A sucker for sentimental movies
A sucker for movies that make you cry

My Family Recommends:
Marley and Me
Son of Lassie
And though I have not yet seen it myself, my husband recommends Old Yellar, for the same reasons I mentioned these other movies.

If movies aren’t your cup of tea try reading Where the Red Fern Grows. I couldn’t read the ending without choking up… (You may want to adlib twice when they use the word ‘bitch’ (for female dog) and I think there’s a few other words that could be left out, but otherwise ‘a very touching story’- per the dog-loving-daughter.)

While many of us would prefer not to hear sad stories, these are so real, and create opportunities for conversation about a pet’s death or death in general. It surely reveals moments which can help children grow and families bond