You (Mom) and The Draft



If you’re sick of hearing about The NFL Draft already, then you may not want to be here right now…
or you just might want to stay, to see what it has to do with you.

I am a football mom, and was even before my son even began playing. I like the action, I like the sport, and sometimes the drama behind the scenes with these teams is more interesting than a soap opera (which actually happens to be the part I don’t like).

Anyhow, it’s day 3 (the last day of the draft-unless they add another day next year) and I just thought I might get some of the mom’s out there to think about The Draft from a different perspective.

If you watched Day 1 of The Draft (which was Thursday), you’d see how many of these young men allowed their mothers to accompany them down the red carpet at this special event.

You’d also hear them give the credit of their success to their mother.

In addition, you might also hear stories of these men (pre pro-ball) promising their mamma a gift or token of appreciation when they finally ‘made it to the big leagues’ (from as far back as the third grade).

Don’t think of this as ‘ugh another weekend of boring sports’, think about it as a celebration of mothers, all over the nation, who believed in their children enough to support them.

That’s what you do every day…don’t you?

You love, nurture, support and believe in your child- from the time he/she was taking his/her first steps, to the time they graduated high school, donned a college cap and gown or simply started their own family.

Mom’s deserve the credit, and The Draft is a perfect way to remind you that your children never forget what you sacrifice for them every day. And if you still don’t understand The NFL Draft, please, for your spouses sake, go watch Draft Day which is still out in cinemas and features Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. While it’s not a very interesting movie for you, there is a plot line (and very little football to watch). Overall, it’s a good movie and will give you some idea of what’s going on.

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of the Amazing Moms Out There!

(And here’s to the NFL Draft and an upcoming season of awesome football- both in the little leagues and the big leagues!)


Happy Friday Moms of Sick Children!

Heck yes, this mommy is happy it’s Friday!

For the past 6 days I have:

Had 3 children home sick
Cleaned throw up, diarrhea and throw-up pots almost every day
Refilled gingerale and chicken noodle soup too many times to count
Helped with two nosebleeds (yes-sometimes in the middle of cleaning up diarrhea, throw up & laundering nasty sheets)
Been sick myself – to the point of not being able to lift my head off the pillow to read a medicine bottle
Slept a possible 10 hours (and in that time none of it was straight through or on my first attempt)
Disinfected and washed my bathroom and kitchen multiple times a day
Washed more sheets and blankets than I can remember
Not been able to see straight or talk straight and not because due to a controlled substance
But, seriously, last night- we all slept through the night with no emergencies…
and it’s finally Friday and everyone is back to school!
And the dog threw up!




 Me & our first little pumpkin

When my first child was born, I have to admit, I thought I knew it all.

Well, not really…

 I just thought I knew more than my husband.
After just a short period of time, I seemed to have this innate way of bonding with my child: knowing what she needed; feeding, changing, etc; and I even knew what each cry meant.
I admit, I probably treated my husband as if he were clueless sometimes…
But eventually, I figured out that he wasn’t brainless about babies…
He just wasn’t born with what most moms have:  a natural, motherly, nurturing way about them.
Moms just seem to have it, and it makes complete sense because women were created for mothering; making life and caring for it. And men, well, you know- they were made for hunting, protecting and providing for the family, etc…
So for those women out there who wonder, “What is Dad doing!?”, and you don’t quite understand why he doesn’t do things your way… have faith…

 Dads aren’t dumb.

It just takes them longer sometimes to figure it out.
In the meantime, go easy on him, be gentle, and teach him lovingly by doing what you do best!

  Avoid eye rolling
  Take a deep breath
   Stock up on patience
    ***In the most difficult moments, remember, we aren’t perfect either***

Huffington Post Does Moms: Learning From Lazy French Ones

yes that’s me, that’s my daughter’s cat and yes, I actually did take a nap and I’m doing it more often now 🙂
I like reading the different branches of The Huffington Post and
Check it out, I think you’ll like this article about lazy french mothers.
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