My Family Matters with Amber Blog and Our February Photo Challenge

So, I don’t post hère anymore. Just because over the years I’ve realized that most readers are reading my Family Matters with Amber blog on Blogger more than here. It’s not fun (or time efficient) to post twice each time I have something new to say.

So, something had to go. But the blog itself has to stay.

If you want to view my current posts (most recently they’ve been about our February Photo Challenge) please visit me at, where common sense, emotional intelligence and maybe even a bit of sarcasm will hopefully inspire you 🙂 See you there!

– Amber


An Incredible Story About a Child Blogger

From Jessica’s website
Read about this young blogger, it will surely bring tears to your eyes.
The outlook and motivation of a child with Cancer is something that we all can learn from.
Read more about Jessica Joy Rees, who recently passed away this past January.

Be sure to read her parents’ January 5th blog post on her site after her passing.