Back to School

This is such a relatable post regarding the stress of getting children ready for school in the morning. What isn’t so relatable, is doing it after you have lost one. A blog I follow, and a woman I admire for sharing the difficult journey, please take a moment to read this. You will be inspired.

Wake up.

Wake the girls up.

Ask the girls what they want for breakfast.

Wait for them to answer.

Ask again what they want for breakfast.

Get breakfast.

Ask Emilie what she wants for lunch.

Make plain ham sandwich for lunch….again.

Remind the girls to eat their breakfast.  

Ask Emilie where her library books are. 

Remind the girls to eat their breakfast….sigh.

Try and help Emilie remember where her library books might be hiding.

Get the girls dressed. 

Get their teeth brushed.

Comb their hair.

Get yelled at while brushing their hair that I am hurting them.

Call for Emilie to find her library books, followed by a short lecture.

Get socks on the girls.

Help Emilie find the missing library books. 

Yell to girls that it is time to get shoes on, only two minutes till we are officially late.

Help them search for their missing shoes and…

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