What Families Should Know About April 20th, Day of Silence

I am a firm believer that unconditional love is the only way to love.

I also believe that it’s the best way to parent.
I might have created my child and I am doing my best as a parent to shape his/her faith, values and morals, but when it comes to some of his/her choices…I know that I won’t always have a say in the matter.

I will do my best to continue to love by not judging, not accusing, not alienating or hating.

This is who I am, it’s what I believe, and it’s what I want my children to learn…

So, on Friday, April 20th, I will support them if they choose to participate in Day of Silence.
One of my older children is big on human rights; she is the first one to stand up to a bully, the first one to stand in front of a bully for someone being pushed around, and she finds intolerance and ignorance unfair and unjust.

I think she’s getting the message. Peace is not created by pushing away…it starts with embracing and accepting.

If your child supports friends/family/themselves by participating in Day of Silence, these are your child’s rights.

Know them and support them.
Love shall have no conditions.
Love Thy Child…
    Love more….


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