This is a Special Week

This week is very special, and everyone ought to know about it….

April 8-14, is National Library Week!Has your child ever been to the library?
When was the last time you went?

Do you remember as a child, walking into the school, or town library when you were young and feeling so small compared to all those tall shelves full of books?
Do you remember finding your favorite books, and knowing exactly where they were kept?
Do you recall hunkering down in a corner, or at a table somewhere, poring over your cool finds?
Do you also remember the feeling of escape and wonder when you immersed yourself in your favorite stories?
….Time and time and time again……
At the Library.
Some people worry libraries will become extinct.
I surely hope not. 
Because, when kids learn to love the library, they learn to love books,
and when they learn to love books…
They can take the magic with them anywhere.

This week is an ideal take your kids to the library… Many are on spring break and it’s a great opportunity to just hush the hustle and bustle and the high tech world we live in (yes, I do suggest that you leave your iPhone in the car) and go check-out a book.

Do any of you own a library card?

Is your child too cool for the library? Or worse? Is he/she too high tech? Well, tell them to just think of it as a visit to an old historical museum…because it kind of is, and it holds really great value and they’ll be able to learn a lot….

***Did I mention that when a child learns to read and acquires a love of books,
he/she can be entertained anywhere, anytime….independently and silently….????***
No kidding….
Visit your nearest library today to see how it works…

3 thoughts on “This is a Special Week

  1. Gwen Stevens says:

    A tip for you from WordWise: It’s “poring”, not “pouring”. The word “pouring” implies the emptying of a vessel of its contents. “Poring” means that one is absorbed in the reading or studying of something — in this case, a book.

    • Thanks so much for pointing out my misuse of words. You are very correct, that is the wrong spelling for this particular phrase. I appreciate your attention to it and will make that correction. Sometimes when we edit our oun work errors such as these can go unseen (and we know word processing programs often won’t pick these up either). Other than the spelling error, I hope that you enjoyed the post. Enjoy your day.

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