For Now…After Chardon

The News-Herald- photo of authorities at Chardon H.S. in Chardon, Ohio

As after any senseless murder (especially of a child), we all look for answers. And, as in this case, like many others, we may never have all of them.
In the mean time, what do we do?
There is nothing that can take away the heartbreak of losing a child; nothing that can be said to erase the loss or pain….
So, for now…
We support
We love
We wait
Our family’s thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. We mourn the loss of students who have recently succumbed to their injuries, and pray for the strength of those still struggling to survive. We appreciate that there were staff members present at the school who were brave and strong, authorities who were quick and knowledgable, and a community which has been coming together to support those who’ve been affected by this horrible event.
We also pray for the family of the alleged shooter, (no doubt they are in shock at the horrific capabilities of their child…no one plans to raise a murderer). We hope that some how they will find the strength to share any information they can with authorities, to help other students, schools, parents, and educators in the future, from events such as this one.
For now…
We hug our children, and be grateful that we had dinner with them, and put them to bed at home last night.
Unlike the five victims (two of which, have been reported dead).

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