Fun Friday: Fun Online Games for All Ages


Winter has arrived in our area! After a very wet fall, and so far a mild winter (think green Christmas), we’re beginning to pay our dues. High winds, frigid temperatures and driving snow will leave us home bound this weekend (except for the sledding part).

If you are not someplace which resembles the arctic this weekend, but would still like to know what to do during inclement weather, keep reading!

I found this super fun website which has an entire library full of online games for all ages.
From sports trivia, word scrambles, reading pages of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, to History, Math and arcade games!

Why not pair up with your kids this weekend and play these games with together!!

The skill level is quite accurate and goes from levels 1-8 (grades actually) and is appropriately challenging for each.

Want some indoor winter fun (think snowball fights with para trooping penguins) try this. It’s called Penguin Drop and it is a ton of fun!

Think you (or your kiddo) knows his football players? Try this and attempt to unscramble different team player names with just a hint.

Have a Wimpy Kid obsessed one at home? Click here.

Want your child to brush up on his math, but don’t want to pull  out the flashcards? Try dot-to-dot counting backwards by fives!

If you’re family is stuck indoors and needs a little pick me up, visit FUNBRAIN.COM!


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