Thanksgiving with Family


Time during this particular holiday is customarily spent with family.

Some family members we know very well and enjoy spending time with

and this makes Thanksgiving a treat!

Other family members we might not see very often, know much about, or have much in common with.

Sometimes families can fall apart…(they can separate by episodes of misunderstanding, mistakenly spoken words, or differences) but they are still our family, they are still part of our lives,

and they are where we begin and end.

This Thanksgiving when you are getting geared up to go to mom’s for dinner or grandmas for dessert,

think positively about those you will see.

No matter the differences, the issues of life that separate you, there is one thing that binds you

and that is the fact that you’re family. Someone, somewhere, bound you together from love and and made you family.

Over your turkey or pumpkin pie,

make it a point to put some things behind you…at least for the day, if anything else.

Make it a point to begin a conversation with those family members you have judged, written off,

or those in-laws or distant relations you feel you don’t understand.

Get to know them,  because even though you feel that you’re so different from one another,

we’re  really all the same…

 We all desire

Understanding, Love and Friendship.


“The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing”

Author Unknown



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