Without Children


Family Matters with Amber is about family matters.

You know, it is difficult to write about family topics without children.

Lately, it’s been a challenge writing posts because my kids haven’t been with me, they have been with their dad for the last 4 ½ weeks.

And they aren’t just playing in his pool down the street; they are half way across the country.

It makes it a little tough to talk about current family issues, since there really aren’t any.

I usually don’t talk about my divorce (or divorce at all, for that matter) but unfortunately it is a part of my family (I address divorce on my other blog ‘Divore Dazed’), and although divorce might be common,it is not yet fully accepted.

But I digress.

Back to the family stuff….

As a full-time parent I have learned a lot this summer without my children:

  1.  I miss them (that was a given)
  2. I (for at least a couple of days) had no clue what to do with myself without their ‘needs’
  3. Being single can get boring (there’s only so much eating out and ‘relaxing’ you can do)
  4. I cannot always think better without kids around
  5. I have a bit more time to do the things I enjoy doing
  6. I wonder what in the world I would be like if I never had them

For all the parent’s out there who’s children are driving you insane right about now, and you’re counting down the days until school begins and summer vacation ends….imagine if they were on vacation without you for six weeks.

And if you are divorced, like me, go ahead and use this time to find you and be you….because you deserve as much of a break as the next parent.




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