There is No Manual

Moms and dads don’t get manuals when they have children, so they end up using instincts and then relying on each other to navigate the adventures of parenting.

Family Matters with Amber is for the parent who wants sound advice on how to raise strong kids in a crazy world.

Family Matters with Amber is not new, though it is new to WordPress.

This blog has been in existence since January 1, 2011 and is quite successful in helping parents find fun in the journey and strength in themselves.

No two parents parent alike, so my ideas and style are not for everyone…but they work for me. And with so much dysfunction in my background, it’s a wonder I get any of it right, but maybe that’s the precise reason I do…I have learned the hard way what not to do.

New posts  published Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s.

Join me in raising healthy, happy, respectful kids while maintaining bonds and without losing our minds.

Happy parenting:)





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