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So, as reality continues to roll, so do the thoughts of how life is always changing.

My daughter and I are off to college orientation.

Wow, how cool…and unbelievable.

It’s been an amazing ride for her and I. All of these almost 19 years…
We are truly enjoying our last few months together! I think we are certainly holding onto what we have left…laughs, sarcasm, movie watching, hugs and kisses, coffee stops and planning out the next four years.

She’d tell you she is also holding on to home cooked meals. Lol.

This month’s County Kids column, on page 4, is a tear jerker (for me, that is).
It’s also a reminder that nothing in parenting stays the same:

Kids progress through stages- bad and good
Kids’ needs change
Not all parenting strategies work all the time (we have to evolve)
Not all sunny days stay sunny
Not all stormy days stay stormy
Kids are constantly growing (and not just in shoe and appetite size)
If you are going through a great parenting stage, savor it. But, if you are struggling through a bad parenting stage, read lots of books, lean on patience (and prayer- if you do that) and on veteran parents for advice…and savor it…because it’s all going to change.

Ask me how I know.

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My Family Matters with Amber Blog and Our February Photo Challenge

So, I don’t post hère anymore. Just because over the years I’ve realized that most readers are reading my Family Matters with Amber blog on Blogger more than here. It’s not fun (or time efficient) to post twice each time I have something new to say.

So, something had to go. But the blog itself has to stay.

If you want to view my current posts (most recently they’ve been about our February Photo Challenge) please visit me at, where common sense, emotional intelligence and maybe even a bit of sarcasm will hopefully inspire you 🙂 See you there!

– Amber

Fun Friday: Halloween Recipes That Will Gross You Out!!


Big Sisters Who Think They’re Scary – and Little Sisters Who Think They Aren’t…

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I like it because it’s all about fun! And we can dress up! And the colors are divine!

The food however, is not my favorite part, but it might be yours!

Since I’m always looking for more recipes to try, and Halloween is just around the corner, I thought I would share this list of GROSS RECIPES (shown as a google search so that you can pick your poison when it comes to where you get your recipe from:) –

KITTY LITTER CAKE (you have to at least look at it)

DIRT CAKE (popular,yummy)
I made mine with just this stuff: Chocolate Pudding, Crushed Oreos, Worms and Chocolate Cake….and minus all the other complicated ingredients! dirt cake ingredients Cream cheese? REALLY? Nope…dirt cake completeDidn’t use it.

SEVERED FINGERS IN A BUN (yep, they look real and grossed each of my kids out- and that’s sometimes hard to do)


My personal easy favorite? It’s nice and easy: Smiley Fries with Ketchup on their head (looks like blood- and yes I corrupted my children by telling them this). I googled to see if there was a photo of this anywhere and there IS! Here’s one courtesy of a blog called On the Road Photography!

Okay, so truth be told, I might have grown up watching horror flicks however, I don’t promote any mean, harmful things on others…I just have a sense of humor and “It’s Halloween Mom!”. Believe it or not, I’m still that parent who won’t allow my kids to play with play guns, swords or knives.

Go figure.

Check out Pinterest for more disgusting recipes! (Some great adult ones too! I like the cut out stomach of the baby doll for green dip!)